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Forging Hot Iron


An impactful Christ-centered program with the primary goal to develop young men in a faith-based environment to grow into bold and courageous sons, husbands and fathers that will impact the lives of their families, their communities and their nation.

Let Boys Be Boys

Too many boys are turning to virtual worlds of television, video games, digital media, and the internet to find realms they can conquer and areas where they can excel. The result of this virtual conquest is often apathy, apparent rebellion, or outright resistance to real-world challenge.


Trail Life USA is where boys thrive! Adults are equipped to lead a program in a structured outdoor environment where boys are engaged in real-world challenge and experience camping, hiking, and fishing; they develop skills in riflery, archery, and canoeing;  and learn character and leadership in a practical hands-on manner that is naturally engaging.


In the outdoors, the experience of adults is never obsolete; boys find mentors, fathers and sons connect, important relationships are fostered, and boys find opportunity to achieve significant accomplishment.



Join Trail Life USA

Trail Life USA partners with churches and parents across America as the premier national character development organization for young men which produces generations of godly and responsible husbands, fathers, and citizens. In over 1,100 churches in all 50 states, fathers and sons are connecting, relationships are deepening, and legacies are beginning as a new generation of godly leaders rises up. 

Trail Life troop 0613 meets at Northside Christian Church on Monday evenings.

Want more information?


Text or call Ryan Becraft for more information about Trail Life USA



Email Ryan Becraft for more information about Trail Life USA

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