Elementary-March 29, 2020

Below you'll find some great resources to lead your child in worship this weekend at home.  There is a video for children ages kindergarten through 3rd grade and another video for children ages 4th and 5th grade.  Please select the appropriate video below.  You're free to use them as you see fit, however, here is our recommended approach to a great experience:

1. Download and read through the Parent Guide

K-3rd Grade Parent Guide

4th & 5th Parent Guide

2. Watch the age appropriate video posted below

3. Lead your child(ren) through the fun activities in the Parent Guide


Some more great resources!

Anxiety Conversation Guides

Helping a child with anxiety is a challenge. Parents can download these age-appropriate resources to find tips and practical ways to help their children.

Click here to download

Managing Fear and Anxiety During a Health Pandemic

Here's a blog post for parents on managing anxiety during any number of life disruptions:

Click here to read blog

Elementary God Time Cards

Here are some devotionals kids can do that will reinforce the content in the weekly video presentations.

K & 1st Grade Devotion

2nd & 3rd Grade Devotion

4th & 5th Devotion