Phase One

Watch Parties provide the opportunity to connect with others and watch the worship service together

Phase one of our plan is to encourage families within our church to host Watch Parties. These Watch Parties will consist of no more than 3 families and simply offer a time for you to connect with others and worship together as we work towards all worshipping together again on our campus. These Watch Parties can take place on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, or any other day and time during the week. If you'd like to volunteer to be a Watch Party host over the next few weeks, follow the link below.

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The only guidelines Northside has for these group is that they are restricted to 3 families or less, the group maintains appropriate social distancing as directed by Johnson County Health Department, and that the group meets once a week to watch the worship service together.  As a Watch Party host, you can decide when you meet, if families with kids can participate at your Watch Party, if you'd like to coordinate a meal before/after, etc.


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Join a Watch Party

Watch Parties will be limited to 3 families, including the host family.  As individuals/families sign up to host a Watch Party, their group information will be updated on the Watch Party group page that you can find by clicking the link below.  Please pay special attention to the general location of the group (after you join the group, you'll be able to see the exact address), the day/time that the group meets, and if the group is 'kid friendly'.

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Watch Party Group

General Info

Since the government has lifted the shelter-in-place restrictions and is allowing individuals to meet while maintaining appropriate social distancing practices, Northside will help facilitate Watch Parties where no more than three families meet in a home to participate in a worship service together.

You can sign up to host a Watch Party in your home by filling out the form to be a Watch Party Host.  This information will then be published on the church website (no personal information will be available such as exact address, phone number, etc) where other families can request to join the group.  Hosts will be able to communicate with those who request to join their group to answer questions and ensure their house will be a good fit for each family.  There isnโ€™t a specific starting date for these groups to begin meeting; they can begin meeting as early as May 4, but this decision is up to the host.

Watch Parties do not have to take place on Sunday mornings during a service.  Since each service is available to stream immediately following the service, groups can meet any day/time of the week and participate in worship together.  The church will provide communion supplies that can be picked up at the church office.  The church is also providing resources each week for children and students that hosts can choose to incorporate during their Watch Party if desired.