Phased Plan to Hosting On-Campus Worship

Our goal is to have individuals and families attending weekly worship services on our campus while maintaining a clean and safe environment and abiding by federal, state and local guidelines in regards to public gatherings.

We face some unique challenges due to the size of our congregation. Our physical spaces were crowded before this epidemic; with the social distancing recommendations it will be some time before we can have similar classes and activities in one physical location. This phased approach will help our church body ease into meeting together again while still keeping their health and governmental guidelines in mind. Just as the guidelines in our country continue to change rapidly, the details in this plan will also be revised as we see fit.

Phase One

Effective Date: May 4

Overview: Since the government has lifted the shelter-in-place restrictions and is allowing individuals to meet while maintaining appropriate social distancing practices, Northside will help facilitate Watch Parties where no more than three families meet in a home to participate in a worship service together.

Individuals/families can sign up to host a Watch Party in their home by going to and filling out the form to be a Watch Party Host. This information will then be published on the church website (no personal information will be available such as exact address, phone number, etc) where other families can request to join the group. Hosts will be able to communicate with those who request to join their group to answer questions and ensure their house will be a good fit for each family. There isnโ€™t a specific starting date for these groups to begin meeting; they can begin meeting as early as May 4, but this decision is up to the host.

Watch Parties do not have to take place on Sunday mornings during a service. Since each service is available to stream immediately following the service, groups can meet any day/time of the week and participate in worship together. The church will provide communion supplies that can be picked up at the church office. The church is also providing resources each week for children and students that hosts can choose to incorporate during their Watch Party if desired.

During this time, the building will be closed to all groups.

Phase Two

Effective Date: June 7

Overview: Northside will host services onsite at 8:00, 9:20, and 10:40 am on Sunday mornings. There will be no classes/programming available for children/students and there will be no Bible study group meetings. The Kids Corner and Worship Center entrances will be open for you to use. A map of the building will be available showing all the available spaces to meet along with which spaces are family friendly. A maximum occupancy sign will be posted for each space. Over 15 different spaces (including the Worship Center) throughout the church will be open and available for use by individuals and families to participate in worship together. Several of these spaces will be family-friendly spaces and other spaces will be designated for individuals/couples without children. Activities and toys will be provided in spaces designated family-friendly, however, parents are responsible for the supervision of their children. Due to the time constraints and the effort to limit the number of individuals in our building at one time, we ask that parents continue to use the online resources for children at home.  

Our staff and volunteers will continue to clean and sanitize the building throughout the morning and clean each space between services. At the completion of each service, we ask that individuals/families gather their belongings and make your way to the parking lot if they would like to continue having conversations with others. This will allow our team adequate time to clean each space before each service. Likewise, if individuals/families arrive early for service, we ask that they remain in their vehicle until five minutes before the start of the service.

During this time, the building will be open to use for church groups who have less than 10 individuals in their group and remain closed to outside groups.

Phase Three

Effective Date TBD

Overview: Northside will continue to host services onsite at 8:00, 9:20, and 10:40 am on Sunday mornings along with classes/programming for children/students during their regularly schedule meeting times (birth-5th grade: all three services; 6th-12th grade: 9:20 am service). Bible studies and church groups may also begin meeting again during this phase, regardless of group size. Our Senior Leadership Team will reevaluate at this time and make a decision on if a Saturday service is needed.

As usual, we ask that parents not check their child into any church event if they are sick or have had a fever within the last 24 hours.

Our staff and volunteers will continue to clean and sanitize the building throughout the morning and clean each space between services.

This page will be updated as the reopening plan continues to develop.